How does this make sense: ZENN recently announced that company officials had selected a manufacturer to produce a highway-speed electric vehicle, called the cityZENN. Following this, ZENN's stock fell three percent. You'd think people would be happy with an announcement like that.

As always, there are problems and questions with ZENN's story. This is the much-hyped EESTOR vehicle, after all. While the announcement could be the big step towards ZENN's promise last year that they'd deliver an EESTOR-powered electric vehicle by Fall 2009 that the company needs to get out from under questions about the technology, investors must be waiting for more show, less tell. Another reason for the less-than-enthusiastic stock response is that ZENN didn't announce the name of the manufacturer, saying it would wait until the agreement is finalized. We recently got a few hints about the technology thanks to the EESTOR patent, but it looks like we'll have to keep waiting for the real deal.

[Source: Reuters]

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