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As enthusiasts, we sometimes make the mistake of referring to Honda as a car company. Honda started out as a motorcycle manufacturer, and now makes everything from generators to IRL engines to robots. The Japanese automaker has produced a series of short films to give the rest of the world a better idea of what it's all about. There are three videos so far, and the latest of these short documentary-style productions is about Honda's unique view of failure. The video, titled "Failure: The Secret to Success," provides insight into the thought process of company founder Soichiro Honda, and how he viewed failure as a means to winning. It also shows how much Honda, a successful car company by all accounts, has failed in the past and what it's learned from those missteps. Have you ever seen an orange 1996 Civic? Neither have we, and you'll know why when you watch the video after the jump.

The short film includes appearances by racing team chiefs, designers, engineers, and the one and only Danica Patrick. The video is just over eight minutes long, and it's available to view after the jump. It's worth your time whether you love the big H or not.

[Source: Honda]

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