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When the Tesla Model S was revealed the other day, the car on hand was not a clay styling buck or some car show concept with glued-on buttons (actually, it has no buttons) but an actual pre-production prototype. Therefore, after the presentation was made, rides were given. Paying customers got dibbs on the initial tours and Steve Jurvetson, the customer at the very top of the list, got the first one. Although wildly giddy with excitement, he managed to remember to bring along a camera and dutifully record video as Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the wheel, turned on some OutKast and drove the luxury electric sedan around a short loop.

Once they got on a bit of straight road unencumbered by onlookers, Musk gave him a small taste of the S's acceleration and teased with a bit of back and forth on the wheel to demonstrate its handling. Despite only having two-thirds of its power available it made a pretty good impression on Mr. Jurvetson, who is already a Roadster owner. Asked if he was tempted to play around with it, Musk confided that, "Well, I actually did drive it a little hard earlier on..." and went on to say that it handled pretty well. For his part, the passenger thought the handling felt "outrageous" which only serves to make our mouths chomp harder on the bit for our chance to grip the leather-clad wheel. Hit the jump for 7 minutes of Model S action as well as a bonus video taken later by the same lucky buyer outside of the vehicle.

[Source: YouTube]

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