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A few more details about the 500 Th!nk City electric vehicles that are headed for Holland. AutoblogGreen reader Matthijs wrote in with the following:

This morning (11:00 CET) I contacted ElmoNet with some questions about the Think City. While they are concentrating on selling to companies and new government programs It seems "normal" consumers like me can also purchase the car and make test drives. I will be contacted for a test drive later today.

The news for me was that you do not have to pay a monthly battery fee and that the car needs service every 20.000 km or ones a year. They are teaming up with selected Bosch service points for the maintenance of the car. The price is €37.695,00 incl. 19% VAT (No other Dutch extra car taxes apply because it is an EV)

In Holland, it will be leasing company Mobility Service Netherlands, through its ElmoNet subsidiary, that will be distributing the cars. If Matthijs is correct, then the price to buy a Th!nk City in Holland will be roughly $49,500 U.S. We don't have any other source for this information, but we've sent an email to ElmoNet to find out more. For the U.S. launch, Th!nk North America is saying that the Th!nk City has a $20,000 price tag, but that excludes an $80-90 monthly battery rental fee. Thanks to Matthijs for the tip!

UPDATE: We got the following email from Patrick Doornbos at ElmoNet:
To answer your question:
The car will cost that amount of money. Excluding VAT the car will cost aprox. 31.000 euro including the battery pack which is estimated around 10.000 euro at this moment.
So net worth the car is priced around 21.000 euro (same as in Norway, and the lease price for the battery will be added monthly).
In Norway the EV is free for all taxes including the VAT in The Netherlands this is not so. We hope for government funding to make the car less expensive.
To stay posted you can visit our website or email me with any questions.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Patrick Doornbos

[Source: ElmoNet]

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