Even though he had a long television acting career, you probably don't remember James Sloyan – but you know his voice – perhaps better than you'd like. Sloyan has been the narrator for every Lexus commercial since the brand's 1989 launch. Imagine the slogan "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection," and your mind will probably be a-tumble with images from any of those high-production-value commercials broadcast over the last 20 years.
But Sloyan is with Toyota's luxury brand no more, having been replaced by James Remar, another actor you've seen everywhere but probably don't know by name. Sloyan has moved on to Mitsubishi, and you can hear his voice right now on radio ads in some markets. So listen out for "One lean, mean MIVEC machine" when he's talking about the Outlander, and try not to think of sparse piano compositions and champagne glass pyramids.

[Source: Ad Age]

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