General Motors' OnStar in-car communications system can give you directions or help you make a phone call, and soon it may also be able to send and receive Tweets. Gear Live recently received a survey from the General announcing that Twitter functionality could soon be on the way.
With a press of a vehicle's OnStar button, users will reportedly be able to send voice-activated Tweets of up to 140 characters to everyone in their Twitter network. The text would automatically be added to the owner's Twitter account via the "What are you doing?" section at the top of the page. The system would also read aloud messages that are sent to the OnStar user.

Adding Twitter functionality would be a boon for fans of the social networking site, while also giving users less of an incentive to take their eyes off the road to check for messages on their smart phone, although the jury's still out on whether this can be done safely. From where we sit, this innovation would make even more sense applied to all text messages (not unlike Ford's Sync), which has somehow become a preferred means of communications for everyone on the planet under the age of 30. Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!

[Source: Tech Crunch]

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