It is well known that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a very public change of heart when it comes to seeking out a greener lifestyle. Heck, he's gone from owning the very first civilian AM General HMMWV to talking up green environmental initiatives and start-ups like Tesla. He's even taken delivery of one of the company's Roadsters.

Fitting in the car, however, is apparently proving to be a bit of a challenge for the bodybuilder/actor formerly known as Conan, so word is that he's trying to return it to Tesla. What he might have slotted in the garage in the space of that Tesla? If TMZ's paparazzi video footage at the link is to be believed, the answer is a TorRed Dodge Challenger with all the trimmings. A little lighter on the green credentials, sure, but it's not black, it's not hard to get into, and it makes all the right noises for the man character who said the best things in life are "to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

[Source: TMZ]

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