Click above for high-res image gallery of the BYD e6

In September 2008, Warren Buffett's holding company bought a ten percent stake in Chinese automaker BYD. BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, has been moving forward with electric drive vehicle and lithium ion battery development, beating American and Japanese rivals to market with a plug-in hybrid. It's these eco-technologies that attracted Buffett's company in the first place. Now, BYD said it will show off its cars in the U.S. in May at Buffett's general shareholder meeting in Omaha. BYD will display either the F3DM (a plug-in hybrid, seen in the gallery below) or the E6 (an elecric vehicle with a 250-mile range, above) at the event. The F3DM has been on sale in China since December. BYD also displayed its cars at the Detroit Auto Show this past January.


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