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Designing a car is such work... so why spend all that time and expense coming up with something new when the market is already awash with designs that are proven sellers? From the looks of things, China's BYD wants to sell cars, not spend time designing them. When it's luxury crossovers you're shilling, you might as well crib something that's well regarded – hence BYD's new S6, a crossover that closely apes the Lexus RX.

Looking like a mixture of RX generations, this Chinese knockoff continues its nation's tradition of styling appropriation. More intriguingly, BYD has apparently secured European copyrights to the design – a neat trick, copyrighting someone else's work. After all, we would have assumed that Lexus had already been afforded that protection.

The coup de grâce? BYD has gone and borrowed the CUV's name, too, although we're quite sure people won't mistake this for Audi's supersedan.

[Source: Auto Sina via Carscoop]

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