Prior to last weekend's race at Sebring, we told you about Yokohama's plan to debut their ADVAN® ENV-R1™, a new kind of tire that uses orange oil to displace about 10 percent of the total amount of petroleum used in the making of the rubber. Now that the race is over, we're naturally wondering how the new tire technology fared in competition. Apparently, rather well.
Bob Faieta, winner of the class he was competing in, said, "Yokohama provided us with just an incredible tire this weekend. It was consistent through the whole race and we were able to run out front. Yokohama brought out a great product. The (Advan ENV-R1s) felt really good. Right near the end of the race they got real fast. It's a real consistent, good race tire."

After the success of this tire under racing conditions, we're happy to hear that a regular production tire using this technology is on its way called the dB Super E-spec. Expect to see it show up later this year sized appropriately for hybrids from Honda and Toyota.

[Source: Modern Tire Dealer via Wired]

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