Personalized Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport - Click above for a high res gallery

You can't own one, at least not right now, but maybe the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport will be as much of a bargain in 25 years as the Ferrari Mondial is. Okay, so that outcome is doubtful, but on the off chance you might someday take possession of one of these monsters, planning ahead is key. When it's beaten, broken, clapped out, and the top piece has gone missing, bodywork and restoration will be necessary, opening the door to a personalization party. Bugatti's even going to help you out. The storied French nameplate has a configurator on its website that it has now opened up to include the toupée-ripping Grand Sport.

The website is actually a pretty stripped-down affair; pick your model, pick your colors. With the Bug, that's because there's really nothing left to want, besides a very good pair of earplugs in lieu of serenity in the cabin. There is fun to be had in dreaming about how your own personal GS might look, and the site will even kick out a .pdf for you to download and treasure. When you're all done, and your car looks like it came out of the Creamsicle factory, you can print it on high gloss paper and tack that which will never be up on your bedroom wall.

[Source: Bugatti]

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