Admittedly, we've always known that Bob Lutz has a flair for the dramatic. The from-the-gut talkin', hard-drivin', fast-flyin,' General Motors vice chairman has always been good for a juicy quote, and although he is retiring soon, that doesn't mean Lutz is stepping out of the limelight completely.
As the story goes, the whiskey-tinged vocals of Lutz will soon grace the stage of Detroit's Jazz Café at Music Hall for a star turn in A.R. Gurney's family comedy "Ancestral Voices." The play is centered around a three-generation Buffalo family, and is set between 1935 and 1942. Lutz is reportedly taking the stage for the first time since high school, and he'll be a full-fledged member of the cast, right alongside Tony and Emmy award winners Edward Hermann and Elaine Stritch.

While it doesn't look like The Golden Gut is pursuing a new career, who knows, if things go well with his charity performance (he's donating his time to the production), perhaps the ex-Marine will find himself with a new hobby.

If you're interested in seeing Lutz's off-off-off Broadway premiere, check out for tickets to the April 17 and 18 performances, but be prepared to shell out $175 per person. For that sum, you'll not only see the show, you'll also be fed at a strolling play-themed dinner, and you'll get the chance to chat up Lutz & Co. at the cast question-and-answer session.

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