Got some time to burn? Of course you do! iMotor Mag has created a game to punish the wayward children of esteemed Italian design houses. Where designers such as Pininfarina and Bertone have penned gems like the Ferrari F599 and the Lamborghini Miura, they have also thrust the Peugeot 1007 and Skoda Favorit on unwary car shoppers (hey, even designers have to eat...).

iMotor (the same blokes who gave us the Bail Out Chrysler game) gives you the chance to beat them, and a couple of Bertone designs to boot. You may not agree with all of them (Subaru SVX?) but the better you wield the ugly stick, the more unfortunate designs you get to eradicate from the (virtual) world. However, as with many ugly-yet-enduring designs, the cars put up a good fight, so good luck getting to Level Two.

[Source: iMotor Mag]

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