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Back in 2007, Chinese automaker Brilliance made international news when its BS6 sedan failed crash tests performed by the ADAC (Germany's version of our AAA) in fantastic (and frightening) fashion. The crash tests were performed according to Euro NCAP guidelines at the time, and the mangled heap of metal that remained was truly horrific.

Brilliance is back with the BS4 sedan, and again the ADAC has performed its full battery of crash tests, though this time using newer Euro NCAP guidelines that take into account the availability of electronic stability control as standard equipment and potential damage to pedestrians. How'd it do? Just like the Brilliance before it, the BS4 scored zero stars.

It's not all bad news, though. Under the old Euro NCAP guidelines, the BS4 would have achieved three stars, a score that the BS6 needed two tries and a structural redesign to match. Even watching video of the BS6 crash test compared to video of the BS4, it's apparent that Brilliance has learned a thing or two about how to keep car from folding up like an accordion during a frontal impact. Still, it wasn't enough to score a single point in the new tests, which means Brilliance once again needs to go back, makes some changes and try again.

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for video of the Brilliance BS4 crash tests, as well as video of the original BS6 crash tests.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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