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Since becoming governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has foresaken his old Hummer-loving ways in favor of a decidedly greener taste for transportation. Like any smart politician, Schwarzenegger is eager to publicly support businesses based in his state and is a prominent promoter of alternative fuel vehicles (sometimes with controversy), he has been a booster of Tesla Motors. He even put his money where his mouth was and bought a Roadster. However, as we said when we first drove the Roadster early last year, the Roadster is a great sports car, but as such it is not a car for everyone. Apparently that appropriate demographic group does not include Schwarzenegger if Gawker is to be believed.

Tesla declined to comment on anything related to its customers, and we're still waiting for a comment from the governor's office on this, but the governor has apparently been trying to return his Roadster for several months. According to the Gawker report, the governor just finds the little machine to tight to get his aging body builder body in and out of.

Frankly the whole story sounds a bit fishy though. Schwarzenegger surely had the opportunity to try the car out before taking delivery and even if he didn't like it, why send it back to the factory? He could easily sell it privately. It's unlikely that he is strapped for cash and needs to unload it.

  • No. 2 - Tesla Roadsters are in production, albeit in small numbers still, and the company is still with us (for now at least). We've driven it and it's a wonderful sports car - even disregarding the powertrain. Factor in that electric drive and it's amazing. Unfortunately, recent financial issues have threatened the company's future. The investors seem committed to making Tesla survival so far.

[Source: Gawker]

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