The winner-take-all points system hastily introduced and then hastily rescinded for this year's Formula 1 season truly has no friends outside of Bernie Ecclestone. NASCAR drivers commenting to Fox Sports on the proposed system have trashed it: Carl Edwards, playing the role of NASCAR's Felipe Massa, said, "I think if you determine your champion just based on wins, you're taking a huge gamble of having the wrong champion." That, even though Edwards would have won last season had such a points system been in place.

Jeff Burton, echoing nearly every F1 driver who stressed the value of consistency, cited NASCAR's 36-race season as a marathon. And Kevin Harvick said what almost every pundit – and Autoblog commenter – said, "the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard." But if Bernie gets his way, we can still expect to see that very idea in place for 2010. Thanks for the tip, Nicholas!

[Source: Fox Sports | Image: Geoff Burke/Getty]

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