If Britain follows Germany's lead and adopts a scrap-your-old-car incentive, it looks like the first company to pounce will could be Romania's Dacia. Renault, which owns Dacia, had planned to launch its brand in the U.K. last summer, but then backtracked.

Thankfully, the bargain brand's fortunes improved when Germany's car scrapping incentive took effect yielding an industry-wide 21 percent jump in February sales. But Dacia didn't just manage to achieve that increase, their sales mushroomed by something like 900 percent, going from less than 100 Logans per week to more than 1000.

According to Autocar, the company thinks it may be able to realize similar results if Britain, making outsized returns on its plucky, cheap-as-chips Sandero – but only if Britain's politicians green-light the initiative.

[Source: Autocar]

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