BMW has been making a big deal of its Project I, the aim of which is to launch a new series of fuel-sipping vehicles. We heard about a vehicle called the Megacity the other day, and that's reportedly going to be offered with a hybrid drivetrain. According to Autobild (via 4 Wheels News), there's another model in the pipeline known as the Z2 and it will combine light weight with a turbocharged 1.6L engine mated up with an electric motor to offer 47 miles per gallon (5L/100km). According to these rumors, the German automaker may sell the car and the batteries separately.

Here's where things get really interesting. There's apparently another city car in development in addition to the Megacity that will use a rear engine, rear-wheel drive layout. This car will be sold under the MINI label and is scheduled for release in 2012. The aforementioned Z2 is next in 2013 and will be sold in sedan, coupe and convertible versions. Lastly, 2014 will bring a couple of city scooters in the vein of the ill-fated C1 along with a minivan. As interesting as all of this sounds, it's impossible to accurately forecast an automaker lineup this far in advance. We'll see how much of this proves true in the coming years.

[Source: Autobild via 4 Wheels News]

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