Spy Shots: If this is it, the Mazda1 looks nothing like Kiyora concept

UPDATE: This is not a prototype for the Mazda1, it is a Chinese-market Haima subcompact based on the Mazda2. Thanks to everyone who sent in the correction
When we were told that the Mazda Kiyora concept unveiled at last year's Paris Motor Show would influence Mazda's coming city car, it looks like we overestimated the word "influence." At least, that's the case if the little Mazda caught in Evo's spy shots is actually the Mazda1.

Evo makes a compelling case for the car actually being the Mazda1 – not merely a revised Mazda2. Save for the ascending shoulder line (now moved to shoulder height, way above the rocker panels as on the Kiyora) the prototype has almost nothing in common with the design of the swoopy Paris beastlet. At the very least, we hope this car comes with the concept car's tech, but we won't know for certain until the car's expected launch at September's Frankfurt Auto Show.

[Source: Evo]

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