Anyone who uses a satnav regularly knows the feeling of looking at the directions being given – or actually trying to follow them – and wondering "WTF?" Try an experiment and plug one of your regular destinations into your satnav and see what it spit out; seven times out of ten you'll wonder "Why would it tell me to go that way?"

A driver in England has once again followed the instructions from his car's GPS system as if he were Abraham heeding instructions from The Almighty. Headed to a friend's house, the driver was told by his GPS to go up a steep walking path, and he did so. Luckily the path was lined by a fence, because when the driver crested a hill, he slid down the path and into the fence, which stopped him from going over a 100-foot cliff.

Fortunately, he was unhurt, although charged with careless driving. Never forget: trust your good sense before you trust your satnav...

[Source: The MIrror]

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