So far, we're aware of a handful of electric motorcycles that are headed to the Isle of Man for the TTXGP, the first-ever zero-emissions grand prix race, including the Brammo Enertia, the EV-0 RR from Evo Design Solutions, the TTX01 electric motorcycle (EDIT: The TTX01 will not be taking part in the race) and the Mission One electric superbike. We're betting that more applicants will show up before the race actually takes place in June, but at least one bike that was designed for the event won't make it due to a lack of funding. Too bad, it's an interesting design with its reclined, feet-forward riding position that would allow for better airflow management at high speeds.

Designed by Royce Creasey, the bike would weigh 330 pounds and feature a 15 kWh lithium phosphate battery pack sending power to a dual-rotor electric motor from Lynch that would put out about 100 horsepower.

[Source: FF Web via The Kneeslider]

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