Details are sketchy at this point, but the interwebs are abuzz today with news that IKEA might be entering the automobile world with a new environmentally friendly car called the LEKO. We'll resist the temptation to make a joke about how you'll be directed by some cheezy stick figure drawings to assemble the car yourself with nothing more than a five-page word-free manual. Whoops, sorry. The source of the news is a fairly official-looking website from France, which is odd considering that IKEA is based in Sweden. The supposed unveiling of the LEKO is scheduled for... wait for it... April 1st.

At this point, we're content to assume this is an elaborate ruse and that there won't be an actual car unveiled on April Fool's Day. On the off-chance that the LEKO is indeed real, we wonder if the machine could have anything to do with the ongoing T25 city car project from Gordon Murray, which is said to be fully flat-packable and intended for non-traditional retail outlets.

[Source: LEKO via Jalopnik]

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