Consumer availability of natural gas vehicles in the U.S. market tends to be very limited. The only regularly available factory CNG car on sale right now is the Honda Civic GX and that's only available in California and New York. Other than that it's pretty much third party conversions. Wise Gas is now teaming up with Altech-Eco to offer EPA-certified bi-fuel Ford Focuses to consumers in Florida. The Focus is powered by the standard 2.0-liter four cylinder and can be manually switched by the driver between CNG and gasoline.
Wise Gas is also in the permitting process for the first public compressed natural gas filling station somewhere in south Florida. The company also wants to offer consumers home CNG filling systems like the Phill offered by Honda to Civic GX buyers. The bi-fuel Focus has a range of 218-318 miles on a tank of CNG plus whatever you can get out of the gasoline. Altech-Eco offers an 8 year-80,000 mile warranty and the Focus starts at $24,495.

[Source: Wise Gas]

Wise Gas, Inc. and Altech-Eco Join Forces to Offer Bi-Fuel Gasoline/Natural Gas Vehicle to Florida Consumers

Wise Gas, Inc. and Altech-Eco have signed an exclusive representation agreement to bring EPA-certified dedicated and bi-fuel (gasoline/compressed natural gas) retro-fitted Ford Focus vehicles to Florida consumers.

In the past 9 months, Wise Gas, Inc. has been aggressively working to make compressed natural gas a viable alternative fuel source in Florida. In February, Wise Gas, Inc. announced that they were in the permitting and planning process for the state's first public CNG fueling station in South Florida.

"Wise Gas, Inc. is committed to offering a complete solution to consumers," Communications Manager, Christine Slager said, "This means offering access to natural gas vehicles, fueling options ranging from small home refueling units to public and private CNG Fueling Stations of every size. We are excited about offering a bi-fuel vehicle like Altech-Eco's Ford Focus retrofit which will allow customers the ability to begin transitioning to compressed natural gas today."

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is widely considered to be a leader in the alternative fuel sector. It is clean burning, domestically produced and offers strong savings in comparison to the gasoline prices of today. The CNG Ford Focus has the ability to run on CNG or gasoline and comes with a manufacturer rated CNG cylinder of 9.1 GGE's (Gasoline Gallon Equivalents), with a driving range of 218 - 318 miles with an average 35 mpg on highway and 24 in the city (results may vary). The Ford Focus with CNG option is now available in Florida through Wise Gas, Inc. at approved aftermarket conversion facilities and should be available soon through participating Ford Dealerships. Ford Motor Credit has approved the financing for the incremental cost of CNG conversion.

"As we continue to build CNG Fueling stations throughout the state of Florida, the bi-fuel option of Altech-Eco's Ford Focus retrofit allows consumers the freedom to enjoy the benefits of driving on CNG without the fear of being stranded without fuel availability," Slager added, "We look forward to the near future when we believe people will be able to drive across the state with CNG widely and readily available."

About Wise Gas, Inc. – Wise Gas, Inc. is a Florida-based corporation dedicated to building and strengthening CNG as an alternative fuel source throughout the state. Wise Gas, Inc. offers assistance procuring NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles), CNG fueling solutions ranging from private home use to fleet options and full-sized public fueling stations and equipment maintenance. For more information, please visit

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