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The 24 Hours of LeMons phenomenon has grown from a couple events per year to more than ten, with the junker endurance events popping up anywhere there's a track that allows dozens of $500 cars their last hurrah on the way to the scrap heap. Though endurance racing has always been the underlying, and ironic, premise of the 24 Hours of LeMons, the upcoming Laissez Les Crapheaps Roulez New Orleans event in June will add an interesting twist. The site of the event, No Problem Raceway, also hosts a drag strip, which means Saturday night will see contestants staging at a Christmas tree and dropping transmissions like its hot. For some extra fun, the LeMons crowd will be pitting their $500 pieces-o-crap against equally craptastic cars from the BABE Rally, a cross-country rally from New York City to New Orleans that also requires its entrants drive machinery valued at no more than $500. It should be an evening of painfully slow acceleration and kinetic disintegration that's not to be missed. Check out the missive from LeMons organizer Jay Lamm after the jump and details on the New Orleans LeMons race here.

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Don't let the crocs and the voodoo dissuade you, mon cher: There's just one week left to enter LeMons New Orleans (aka "Laissez les Crapheaps Roulez," 23-24 May at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose LA). Get those apps in no later than midnight on Saturday, 28 March 09, or you cry in your gumbo without us. Click here to apply.

What's that? You say that endurance-racing $500 junkers in full Nomex at 100% humidity isn't quite idiotic enough for you? You think it'd be easier to just stay home, seal yourself in a trash bag, and spin in the dryer all weekend? Fear not: In addition to the usual LeMons hullabaloo, Saturday will see the first-ever BABE Rally vs. LeMons Drag-Race Junker-Nationals. If those limeys think their $500 rally cars can blow up more spectacularly than our $500 racecars on the dragstrip, they've got another think coming. It's two ill-conceived, rod-bearing-destroying motorsport contests in one, n'est-ce pas?

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