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China's already got Volkswagen's Passat in R36 guise, as well as a locally-made, Passat-derived model called the Magotan. Now it's going to have another car based on the Passat called the Lingyu. Built on a revised, long-wheelbase version of the 4-year-old PQ46 platform and using the previous-generation Passat body style, the Lingyu is shaping up to be the longest Passat sedan variant available in China.

Three engines have been mentioned, along with a 15% increase in fuel efficiency: the 1.8T, 2.0 FSI, and 2.4 V6. The changes are being made by VW's Chinese partner Shanghai VW, with the aim of increasing interior space and comfort. The car should be available in Q2 of this year, and might make an appearance at next month's Shanghai Auto Show.

[Source: Gasgoo]

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