Update your bookmarks, kids. Mike Bumbeck, erstwhile Jalop and all-around junkyard Ph.D., is back on the web with a brand new site: Clunkbucket. The focus is on the affordable, attainable, and interesting, with content that's both tasty and useful. Want to remove your door panel without damaging it? Mike's got your back, with photos to help you along. Maybe you need a vintage shop manual. Look no further for tips on how and where to find one. The "Odd Rod" category lives up to its name (dig that Toronado), and expect to see the Starion assume an important and recurring role. Mike's got another of his fellow ex-Jalops, Jonny Lieberman, contributing as well.

Things look like they're off to a solid start, so make sure you add Clunkbucket as a daily stop during your online automotive travels. If you're only hearing about Bumbeck's new project for the first time today, make sure you follow Autoblog on Twitter. If you had been, you would have already learned about Clunkbucket way back on Friday morning.

Good luck, Mike. We think Clunkbucket has... SUPER POTENTIAL!

[Source: Clunkbucket]

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