The Hong Kong-built, Italy-designed MyCar CV.2 is now available for sale in the UK through Ev Stores in London. The little two-seater seems to fit in the quadicycle category along with the likes of the Reva G-Wiz thanks to its 40 mph top speed. Manufacturer EuAuto notes in the spec sheet that the speed potential and 70 mile range are both on "flat roads" so real world performance is likely to somewhat (extremely?) short of those numbers. Energy storage is by way of a pack comprising four 12V lead acid batteries so you'll likely be swapping those out every couple of years. Propulsion to the rear wheels is via a 3.73 kW DC motor, so acceleration will be leisurely. Ev Stores is asking £9,995 (approx $18,500) for the CV.2 but it is exempt from road and congestion taxes.
[Source: EuAutos via Green Car Congress]


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