Click above for a gallery of the Babolat Propulse 2 with Michelin rubber

Michelin, the tire company, has a division called Michelin Lifestyle Limited that focuses solely on extending the company's "Better Mobility Concept" to other arenas, the latest one being center court. The brand of Bibendum has developed the outsole rubber for a range of Babolat's new tennis shoes, the Propulse and Team.

With a tennis player's movements centered around "acceleration, braking, grip and relaunch" on a variety of different surfaces, the Michelin R&D lab probably had a good idea of what kind of rubber was needed. Michelin mated rubber technology from its auto racing programs with a revised version of its Optimized Cell System that uses seamless circlular micro-cells inspired by rally racing tires. The result is said to be exceptional grip and durability. And if it's good enough for Sebastien Loeb, there's a good chance it's good enough for the U. S. Open...

[Source: Babolat]

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