Remember the worker standoff at Aradco, the Canadian supplier of engine mounts to Chrysler? The automaker had said that the dispute would need to be settled by the end of the week – that would be today, of course – and that's exactly what has happened. According to Canadian Driver, an agreement has been reached between the Canadian Auto Workers union employees and the automaker that sees the displaced employees repaid most of what they were owed, which they claim included a total of $1.7 million in severance, termination and vacation pay.

Even though this particular event had a mostly happy ending, union officials in Canada have scolded Chrysler for allowing it to happen in the first place. With a possible bankruptcy looming over two of America's major automakers, this is a salient point that could be revisited time and time again until things get back on track. In Canada's case, though, the country could just lose Chrysler's manufacturing presence altogether.

[Source: Canadian Driver]

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