According to The Detroit News, the United Auto Workers is giving its blessings to a potential Chrysler-Fiat tie-up. Chrysler honcho Bob Nardelli earlier pegged the possible union as a $10 billion bonanza for Chrysler, since the Pentastar would save money on developing a range of platforms, engines, and cars. The UAW's interest is, of course, the job savings: the partnership has been said to be worth 5,000 jobs that might otherwise be lost.

But with current timelines, the question is where Chrysler and the UAW will be by the time such a partnership gets to the next stage. Fiat expects to complete its due diligence of Chrysler by the end of this month. But by that time, Chrysler will need to have secured concessions from the UAW and bondholders in order to get additional money from the U.S. government. Whether it will get the concessions from both parties – and what the government will do when it comes time to write a check – are all things that remain to be seen.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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