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CBS has posted a short video feature on Better Place and, while the overall information won't be new to any of our regular readers, there are a few things for the hardcore to look for. First, in the opening seconds, you can see the dashboard screen read "AC Propulsion." So, that pretty much confirms the powertrain that Better Place is testing. There are two mules running around in the video, the Renault Mégane and a Nissan EV. In a sort of aside, reporter says that, on top of Better Place's partnership with Nissan and Renault, "other car companies are on the way." Largescale vehicle testing will start next year, and Denmark, Hawaii and Israel will have cars and charging spots in operation in 2011.

One thing that Shai Agassi says that will certainly get some attention is that, if you sign up for the maximum mileage plans (think taxis drivers), Better Place will subsidize the cost of your car all the way down to zero. Enjoy the free phone you get with your cell phone plan? Say hello to the "Oprah for everybody" plan that Shai Agassi wants to offer you. Plus, if you've ever wanted to see the Better Place model illustrated with toy cars and flash drives, this is the video for you. Watch it after the jump. Thanks to Michal B. for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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