It's a toss-up when trying to figure out what's more stupid, joyriding employees or a Porsche owner who thinks Circuit City is the best place to perform an audio installation on a 911 Turbo. Luke Liang left his 2008 911 Turbo at the Bridgewater, New Jersey Circuit City store for audio system work, but seeing the Weissach-crested key hanging from a hook was too much for store employee Brian Murphy, who ignored store policy and took the Porsche for a spin. The joyride didn't last long, coming to a halt in the parking lot after Murphy nailed a curb.

Liang sued the store, claiming the stunt driving escapade destroyed a wheel and tire, broke suspension parts, and resulted in scratches. The damage has also dinged the value of his 997 by $50,000, Liang says. It's unclear what's going to happen now that Circuit City has gone belly up and the store's closed, but we're guessing that Liang's learned the hard way that it's a bad idea to leave a car worth $185,000 with a pack of wild audio rats.

[Source: mycentraljersey, Photo:]

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