That press release that went out earlier this month that read "The Biodiesel Industry Is Struggling And We Need Your Help!" wasn't kidding. With a new European Union tariff on biodiesel that comes from the U.S. and layoffs at some big (well, formerly big) players in the industry, things aren't looking up. That's not all: petrodiesel prices have once again dropped below biodiesel, there's no longer a price advantage to using the soy-based fuel. The New York Times runs down the laundry list of problems, and finds an expert who recommends government quotas because "there is no market-based reason for consumers to buy biodiesel."

There is a bit of good news from up north, though. The Indiana Soybean Alliance recently finished a 1,400-mile trip to the Arctic Circle and back using a new biodiesel blend that does not gel until it gets really, really cold. In fact, Permaflo Biodiesel is apparently usable down to 67 below. That's cold.

[Source: New York Times, Domestic Fuel]

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