Since the Golf/Rabbit has grown a little large to be considered an economy car anymore, Volkswagen has announced the comeback of the Polo (also known as the Fox). The car is currently in its 5th generation in Europe, and its lineup starts with 1.2-liter and ends up with a GTI version running on gasoline. On the diesel side, there's a 1.4-liter engine (the base for the BlueMotion version) and a powerful 1.9-liter model. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the U.S. will get these diesels or even the same model. VW's Stefan Jacoby said that the U.S.-market Polo will be larger, with a longer wheelbase and more headroom, "like a cross between a compact minivan and a hatchback." Are we supposed to this this is a Honda Fit beater? While mostly unknown in Europe, the American Polo will also get a sedan version.

[Source: Automotive News, GreenCar Reports]

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