Click above for a gallery of the Th!nk City in Detroit

Th!nk may be struggling financially but that doesn't mean they aren't trying. After announcing last week its intention to set up U.S. manufacturing next year, the Norwegian company has just inked a deal to sell 500 units of its City EV. The cars will be purchased this year by Dutch leasing company Mobility Service Netherlands. Mobility Service Netherlands has a subsidiary ElmoNet that will only lease EVs based on a new Dutch incentive program. A similar recent deal will see another 100 cars go to a group of Austrian companies. The problem now is that Th!nk still needs more cash to turn the lights back on in the factory. It is seeking more funding from investors to bring back the employees and buy parts after shutting the factory down late last year. Thanks to Luca for the tip!

[Source: Green Wombat]

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