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When we tested out the 2010 Prius last month, Toyota reps told us that they expect 20-25 percent of the new third-gen Prius sales will be from repeat buyers. This is higher than the industry average for hybrids, according to a new study put out by R.L. Polk. Maybe Prius drivers love their funny-shaped little rides a bit more than other hybrid owners, but now we know what the average is: fewer than one out of every five hybrid owners buys the same vehicle again. Traditionally, automotive brand (not model) loyalty rate is around 40 percent. Perhaps more interesting, only 30 percent of hybrid owners even buy another hybrid of any kind, Polk found. Considering the poor hybrid sales recently, this makes some sense.

One bit of good (if unsurprising) news: having a popular hybrid like the Prius means that many people believe all Toyota vehicles are fuel efficient.

[Source: Ward's Auto, R.L. Polk via AllCarsElectric]

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