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The Caparo T1 isn't lacking for power or on-track prowess, but the British engineering firm is adding a dose of both for the new Race Extreme version of the T1. The 3.5-liter V8's output has been increased from 575 to 620 horsepower (at 10,500 rpm) allowing the 1,213-pound track toy to sprint to 60 in 2.8 seconds, hit 100 in 5.8 seconds and top out at a claimed 208 mph.

Additionally, the Race Extreme features a fully adjustable suspension and aerodynamic package, along with aluminum calipers equipped with six titanium pistons in front and four in the rear, each squeezing 355mm ceramic discs. The ECU is fully tunable and allows the T1's affluent owners to tweak both the engine and six-speed sequential gearbox's settings to suit their tastes.

Caparo gave into consumers who actually want to drive the T1 on the road, so a new plexiglass canopy is available for a tidy £21,760 ($31,695) along with an air conditioning system for £3,750 ($5,462). Now, if they can just get the T1 to stop flambéeing motoring show presenters, they'll be all set.


Caparo reveals new T1 Race Extreme

Caparo T1, the fastest performance supercar from Caparo Vehicle Technologies, is now available in its new Race Extreme version. The vehicle, aimed specifically at the high end of the track day market, boasts the car's utmost race specification and is set to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Inspired in its design and performance by Formula One, the Caparo T1 has a distinctive pedigree which has once again been enhanced by the introduction of the new Race Extreme specification. The high end Race Extreme version of the car is now available with an evolved all aluminium, normally aspirated, fuel injected Caparo V8 engine which has been upgraded to deliver 620 bhp at 10,500 rpm. Some of the phenomenal key performance characteristics of the Caparo T1 Race Extreme are as follows:

0-62 mph - 2.8 sec
0-100 mph - 5.8 sec
Top speed - 208 mph
G loads braking - > 4 g
G loads cornering - > 3.5 g
Dry weight - 550 kgs

The specification also includes: fully adjustable suspension and aerodynamic packs, ultra light 6 pot front and 4 pot rear monoblock billet machined aluminium callipers complete with titanium pistons, and 355mm x 35mm ceramic discs and pads set up. In addition, the car's upgraded electronic package contains a fully tuneable ECU which ensures maximum performance from the engine and the six speed sequential gear box. The above features together with the fully adjustable traction control of the Caparo T1 Race Extreme combine to provide the absolute track experience.

Caparo T1 Climate option launched

Caparo T1, the ultimate supercar designed and manufactured Caparo Vehicle Technologies, is now available with a full climate pack. The option is being introduced as a result of customer demand and can be installed on all new orders as well as retrofitted on the existing Caparo T1 cars.

Following a highly successful launch in the UAE and increased customer demand, Caparo Vehicle Technologies have introduced a new optional extra for the Caparo T1. All current car specifications can now be built with a full climate pack which includes a plexiglass canopy and air conditioning. The canopy, made from a toughened acrylic used in armoured windshields and helicopters, slides forward over the nose of the vehicle, and this option costs £21,760. In addition to the canopy configuration, an air conditioning unit can also be fitted with a cost of £3,750. Both these extras, part of the Caparo T1 Climate, can also be retrofitted to existing cars.

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