Slapping a few dimes' worth of tax onto each gallon of gas we buy at the pump hasn't been the most popular idea in Washington. Sure, some elected representatives have called for a higher gas tax in the past, but more often than not the idea dies on the vine. There is a chance that things will be different now that one of the biggest opponents to a gas tax increase, General Motors (through CEO Rick Wagoner), has given the idea a sort of blessing. Wagoner said yesterday that a federal gas tax that sets a price floor of $4 a gallon is "worthy of consideration." Something tells me that GM saw the interest in the Chevy Volt grow like mad during last year's gas price spike, and wouldn't mind a rise in gas prices before the Volt hits dealerships at the end of 2010. GM spokesman Greg Martin told the Washington Times that:
Everybody talks about $4 a gallon because, until gas prices hit $4, nobody saw any shift in consumer behavior. Only then did people put fuel efficiency front and center.

Since it'd be a bad idea to raise prices fast, talking about a higher gas tax now means there's plenty of time to reach $4 a gallon again before the Volt's real debut.

[Source: Washington Times]

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