Exclusive Tuning Worldwide Mark V VW GTI "W12 650" - Click above for a gallery

At the 2007 Wörthersee show in Austria, the VAG crew brought out two concepts that had VW and Audi fanboys frothing at the mouth. The first was the Audi TT Clubsport Quattro concept and the other was the VW Golf GTI W12 650 concept. The TT roadster made the transition from concept to limited production model (between 50 and 100 are being made for the Middle East market), while the W12-powered GTI remained an engineering show-piece. Exclusive Tuning Worldwide decided that the show crowd shouldn't be left out of the fun and developed a full body kit for the Mark V GTI that apes the W12's insane exterior.

The kit consists of new side skirts, widened front and rear fenders, a reworked hatch and bumper, along with an oddly proportioned front bumper and "W12 650" badging, all used to create a close facsimile of the show car. Unfortunately, aside from a reworked suspension, the performance modifications have been kept to a minimum and there's no twin-turbocharged, Bentley-sourced W12 mounted out back. That's a bummer, but considering Clarkson's review (posted after the break), you might be better off with a hatch that's not trying to kill you.

[Source: ETW via Autoblog.nl]

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