NxtGen Emission Controls is releasing an evaluation version of its syngas generator for lab use. NxtGen is developing and has been field testing a portable syngas generation system for diesel vehicles that can help clean up emissions with lower fuel consumption and cost than existing particulate filter and urea injection systems. Syngas is mix of predominantly hydrogen and carbon monoxide and is produced in the vehicle from diesel fuel and exhaust gases. The syngas is combustible and is used to regenerate the particulate filters and lean NOx traps at lower temperatures. That means the regeneration can happen more readily at partial load conditions such as in-town driving where the exhaust gas temperatures might not get hot enough for regeneration under normal driving. The syngas generator evaluation unit is a stand-alone system designed to produce the gas for lab and dynamometer testing. The NxtGen press release is after the jump.

[Source: NxtGen]

NxtGen Emission Controls Releases Syngas Generator Evaluation Units for Order

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (March 17, 2009) – NxtGen Emission Controls Inc. today announced the availability of its Syngas Generator Evaluation Unit for order by universities, research organizations and powertrain manufacturers that are looking to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy. NxtGen is an emerging leader in syngas technology for clean diesel and engine combustion optimization.

"The Syngas Generator Evaluation Unit provides a unique solution to the growing demand for mobile syngas technology," said Chris Benner, vice president of sales and applications engineering for NxtGen. "Syngas is a hydrogen-rich gas that has many uses in the powertrain industry, from diesel aftertreatment systems to combustion optimization and auxiliary power units using fuel cells. NxtGen is making its production-intent syngas generator available in a stand-alone evaluation unit to provide a real-world supply of syngas that enables and accelerates technology and product development."

Developed in 2006, NxtGen's Syngas Generator Evaluation Unit has accumulated thousands of hours of operation. The company is now offering the third generation evaluation unit to meet the growing demands of researchers developing innovative syngas applications.

Product highlights include:

· A simple, compact, refined system capable of producing 18 kg per hour of syngas in continuous operation;

· System includes a non-catalytic syngas generator, electronic controller, power supply, diesel fuel pump, input/output couplings and a detailed system manual;

· Operation requires diesel fuel, compressed air supply and 110V power;

· On-site installation support provided with installation completed in two to four hours; and

· Remote monitoring and engineering support, as well as collaborative development of test objectives, upon request.

Orders and requests for more information can be made by contacting NxtGen through e-mail at sales@nxtgen.com. Syngas Generator Evaluation Units will be shipped in 60 days or less from the order confirmation date.

NxtGen's syngas technology makes existing and new internal combustion engines cleaner and more efficient to meet global emission regulations and CO2 reduction targets. Syngas creation has been successfully miniaturized for use in light- to heavy-duty vehicles. Upcoming product applications include: an active syngas DPF (diesel particulate filter) system for urban trucks that solves particulate filter regeneration problems caused by low temperature, stop/start city driving; and a syngas LNT (lean NOx trap) system for NOx control that avoids the cost and complexity of urea-SCR.

NxtGen Emission Controls Inc. (www.nxtgen.com) is privately held by international institutional investors. The company's headquarters and technology center is located in Burnaby, British Columbia and the manufacturing and application engineering center is located in Wixom, Mich.

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