... could probably fill a book. A really big book. However, never let it be said that a lack of knowledge stopped Friedman from opining on a subject. Friedman's most recent column focuses mainly on research into fusion reactors which may or may not ever be a viable technology. It's certainly too early to tell since we have yet to produce a working prototype of a controlled fusion reactor. However, in dissing fusion, Friedman also needlessly takes a swipe at hydrogen.
There is no doubt that the predictions of a decade ago that we would have mainstream hydrogen fuel cell powered cars available this decade were wrong. But there is a huge difference compared to fusion. Fuel cells do work. They are on the road today. Daimler and General Motors each have running test fleets with over 100 vehicles running. GM and Ford have each accumulated well over half a million test miles with hydrogen vehicles in the hands of ordinary users. Honda is producing, albeit very slowly, the FCX Clarity. Hydrogen Discoveries points out ten things that Friedman either doesn't know or is ignoring about hydrogen. Even known suppressors of efficiency technology like Toyota and Honda both remain extremely bullish on fuel cells, as do Daimler, GM, Hyundai and others. Friedman? Not so much. Thanks to Greg for the tip!

[Source: Hydrogen Discoveries]

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