Scrap Heap-bound Dodge Challenger Convertible – Click above for image gallery

Dodge long ago confirmed that a convertible version of the Challenger was not going to happen, blaming the extreme degree to which the chassis would need stiffening if the roof were removed. Then what did members of the Michigan F-Body Association forum spot riding on a trailer around Auburn Hills, MI, home of Chrysler's headquarters? The pics don't lie, and they're telling us that Dodge did produce at least one Challenger Convertible in Lime Green that never saw the light of day. Numerous tuners have created convertible versions of the Challenger already, many of which debuted at last year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas, but an official version was never shown by Dodge. This one, which appears to be a concept rather than a preproduction vehicle, has been defaced with the word "SCRAP" spray-painted on its bumper and fenders. It's a sorry sight to see for any Challenger fanboy. By now, the Challenger Convertible has likely reached its destination and could be a cube of Lime Green scrap metal. Hopefully that's not the case and this car will wind up being the barn find of the century in 50 years.

CarDomain is reporting that Mopar Performance has intervened to save the Challenger Convertible from being scrapped and will "mod the hell out of it."

[Source: Michigan F-Body Association via Jalopnik]

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