Even with low gas prices, there is still a side benefit to burning less gas when you carpool: driving in the HOV lane. In some cities, these high-occupancy vehicle lanes are restricted to vehicles with at least two or three people and, sometimes, to hybrid vehicles as well (well, some hybrids, anyway). This is how it's supposed to work.
But, for the driver who's more interested in saving time than fuel, there's always the option of dressing up a bit of plastic piping with a Gandalf mask and a baseball cap and hitting the open lane. But, if you go through all this trouble to illegally ride in the HOV lane, don't forget to buckle up your silent passenger. A driver near Seattle forgot to do this recently and was pulled over for a suspected seat belt violation. The end result? A $124 ticket and one confiscated dummy. Gandalf gone? Methinks he will return in a later chapter wearing a new, whiter robe.

[Source: AP]

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