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A few years ago, drifting took the motorsports world by storm... and while its momentum seems to have cooled a bit, virtually everyone can appreciate the knife-edged balance of throttle and steering needed to execute a yawning slide. That appreciation has extended all the way to China, where a young man has converted his knock-kneed, skinny-tired Chang'an delivery truck into a purpose-built machine.

And why not? It's rear-drive, light weight, cheap, and reasonably robust. We dig the owner's enthusiasm, as well as his ingenuity and driving skill on China's slick mountain roads and in-town roundabouts. Check out the video after the jump (complete with a nod to Japan's Initial D anime series in the soundtrack), but remember: Kids, don't try this at home with Dad's new F-150.

[Chinasmack via China Car Times]

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