OK, even though the plan to put up the Hydrogen Highway in California has run into trouble, an even bigger, bolder infrastructure plan is gaining ground along the West Coast. The Governors of Washington, Oregon and California are talking about an alt-fuel/alt-energy refueling corridor running up I-5. The fuel and energy types in a series of multi-fuel stations would include hydrogen (natch), compressed natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, EV charging stations and battery swap stations. That might sound like a good idea to anyone who wants to reduce driver's dependence on gasoline, but the problem is that these omni-fuel/energy stations would be state-sponsored. This bothers private refueling station owners, says the Seattle Times. They will have at least a little time to hone their arguments, since there are still "layers of local and federal approval" that need to be cleared; the first such stations could be built in Washington State this summer.

[Source: Seattle Times]Photo by Broken Chord. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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