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Three things to note:

Sounds good, right? Not so fast. The truth is that, overall, hybrids are not selling well. We recently posted on how low gas prices and the poor economy have helped push used hybrid prices down 23.5 percent since last summer. The Chicago Tribune has a new story out on the growing disconnect between what buyers want (not hybrids) with what the automakers are releasing (more and more hybrids). found that hybrid sales fell "only" 29 percent compared to February 2008 and there is an 80-day supply of Priuses on dealer lots in the U.S. right now. Still, product pipelines are full of new hybrids (see the Insight, the new Prius, the new Milan, and many, many more) and, to mix metaphors a bit, that's a ship that is slow to change course.

[Source: Chicago Tribune,]

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