Sure, the Snuggie's just tops for keeping warm while using the remote, talking on the phone, playing video games, reading a book, eating popcorn, making s'mores, or looking like a complete lunatic at your kids' soccer game, but when it comes to driving, well, it appears that's where the line has to be drawn.
So says MotherProof's Courtney Messenbaugh, who had until this assignment somehow not even heard of the media-saturated, brightly-colored fleece Jedi robe/blanket. Her job: see if the Snuggie is appropriate for driving. Her verdict, after gathering the blasted thing into the driver's seat: hell no. It may be a pop-culture phenomenon, but the Snuggie's ultimately better suited for pub crawls, not Porsches.

[Source & Photo: MotherProof]

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