Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese, because then I might have enjoyed the old detective drama Seibu Keisatsu even more than I did watching the video above and the two subsequent parts embedded after the jump. The crew at Japanese Nostalgic Car posted these last week, explaining that this particular episode was the first appearance of the "Super Machine-X" (names don't get much better than that) Skyline 2000GT Turbo. The black hero car (the first in a string of Nissans to be featured on the show) was outfitted with a metric ton of yestertech radio, camera, and computer equipment, all of which are used to track down the episode's villians. Those guys drive a '70 Cougar, inexplicably equipped with an imitation Screaming Chicken on the hood (seriously), setting up a Detroit vs. Japan showdown straight out of the Bizarro world. It's completely entertaining, even with the language barrier, and the gadget-enhanced, 29-year-old Super Machine-X feels like a precursor to the Mitsubishi Starion Jackie Chan drove in Cannonball Run II. And both those cars have more appeal than the lame Val Kilmer KITT. Just sayin'. Watch and enjoy.

[Source: Japanese Nostalgic Car]

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