D-Box aims to put viewers into the movies they've paid to go see by moving the chairs they sit in. It works by translating the onscreen action into motion code, which is then used to control chairs equipped with actuators that can pinch, roll, heave, and vibrate the seat in sync with whatever's being watched. For those of you wondering if the upcoming Fast & Furious could get any better (we use that term loosely), you'll be thrilled to hear it's the first major release to use D-Box technology.

The hitch: you'll have to go to the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood or the UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14 in Surprise, Arizona to experience it. Those theaters are being equipped with the special seats needed to put you into the action. Just, please, during the movie, don't hold an air steering wheel and insist that people call you Dom Toretto...

[Source: D-Box]

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