Smith Electric Vehicles (now in the U.S.!) took advantage of their appearance at The Work Truck Show to allow some industry professionals a chance to try out their all-electric Newton. Luckily for us, several of them agreed to stand up in front of a camera and give their views about the vehicle. The candid three included award-winning trucking industry journalist Paul Abelson, Larry Polas from the American Fleet Managers Buyers Guide and Ken Kalen, a fleet management consultant. All seemed impressed with the vehicle's power as well as the way it handled and thought it could perfectly fulfill its depot-based delivery mission. You can find all of the videos on their newly-launched website or just conveniently hit the jump where we have all three short clips waiting for you as well as a silent video of the Newton rolling about the streets of Chicago and showing off its key fob-controlled cargo space roll-up door.

[Source: Smith Electric Vehicles US]

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